PhD students


  • Dan Pineau (2022 —, co-advisor: A. Abergel)
  • Agathe Archet (2022 —, co-advisor: N. Gac)
  • Pierre Minier (2023 —, co-advisor: J.-F. Giovannelli)

Defended theses

  • Nicolas Monnier (2019 — 2023, co-advisors: N. Gac, C. Tasse), ExaSKA : Parallelization on a High Performance Computing server for the exascale radiotelescope SKA.
  • Ralph Abirizk (2018 — 2021, co-advisor: A. Abergel), High-resolution hyperspectral reconstruction by inversion of integral field spectroscopy measurements. Application to the MIRI-MRS infrared spectrometer of the James Webb Space Telescope.
  • Mickael Seznec (2018 — 2021, co-advisor: N. Gac), From the algorithm to the targets, optimization flow for high performance computing on embedded GPUs.
  • Amine Hadj-Youcef (2015 — 2018, co-advisors: A. Fraysse, A. Abergel), Spatio spectral reconstruction from low resolution multispectral data : application to the Mid-Infrared instrument of the James Webb Space Telescope.

Master internship