I use GPG to sign my email and proof online identity on some website. You can use my public key to verify it’s me and to encrypt messages if you want.

  • The fingerprint of my public key is 17218f250c9ab128a04b29591131bb2904f15681.
  • You can retrieve the key on keys.openpgp.org.
  • Keyoxide make the link between my key and online identity, that are
    • this domain orieux.fr
    • the github account forieux
  • The Keyoxide profile also works with the fingerprint.

What’s it means ? Not that much. If you receive an email from francois.orieux@universite-paris-saclay.fr signed with the key, it means that the person who sends this email has access to the secret key, control the claims (via the key) and proofs (via the github account for instance) mentioned on the Keyoxide profile. The server keys.openpgp.org also verify that the email is valid, not necessarily that it’s me that read the verification email. However, to sign, decrypt or make a claim, the person needs access to the password protected local secret key. Proofs are also password protected, at least, since a login (to github) is necessary.